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Open thread: How would you characterize your ideal Hamptons home?

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Do you like Sag Harbor whaling cottages or are you more a fan of amenity-filled oceanfront estates?

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The Hamptons is known for its incredible homes, estates, mansions, and beach houses. As one of the most expensive areas in the United States to buy real estate, there had better be some pretty incredible homes out here to choose from.

There are a lot of ways that one might characterize the quintessential Hamptons home. In the Hamptons, there are many different kinds of homes that are popular, from spec houses on the ocean to restored cottages from the 19th century. So we want to hear from our readers: What is the quintessential Hamptons home?

Personally, I love the Sag Harbor whaling cottages from the 19th century that have been restored and maintain period details. To me, those embody Hamptons history while still keeping the beachy vibes that the East End is known for today.

Others might be into the oceanfront spec houses with a six-digit square footage and all the amenities they could think of. After all, the Hamptons attracts people with some serious money, and if they’re vacationing, why not have a home that doubles as a personal resort?

Condos are also on the rise. For many people, coming out to the Hamptons means enjoying their time and they don’t necessarily want to be bothered with things like home upkeep. Condos often come with concierge services and can be maintained by building staff.

But let’s face it—I think we can all agree that the beach always has some type of influence, right? We’re surrounded by all sorts of water bodies, from the ocean, to the Sound, to lakes, ponds, rivers, and even swamps.

In your opinion, what should a Hamptons home embody?

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