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Award-winning director Akiva Goldsman cuts price of his Meadow Lane home

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It went on the market in March for almost $6M

Photos courtesy of Saunders Real Estate

The award-winning director, producer, and television writer, Akiva Goldsman, listed his Meadow Lane home in Southampton back in March of this year with an asking price of $5,995,000. The price has just been cut for the first time since coming on the market, now asking $5,295,000.

Goldsman has written the screenplays for Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Cindarella Man, and I Am Legend. He also worked with director Ron Howard on The Da Vinci Code.

There is a home that currently sits on the 1.29-acre property, but the listing suggests the development of a five-bedroom modernist home designed by architect James Merril with landscape architecture by LaGuardia Design Group. The plans in place for the property have already been approved and are ready to get underway. New design features would include walls of glass and a rooftop deck.

The recently updated home that one could take as-is stands 3,168 square feet in size with five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Built in 1991, there are high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and views of both the ocean and Shinnecock Bay.

Located on the bay side of Meadow Lane, the home isn’t oceanfront nor is it really bay front, but there is a bit of creek water that runs the length of the property—so, there’s no private beach, but the property allows access to the ocean by a short walk.