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Open thread: How do you stay busy in the Hamptons during the winter?

Do you hone in on your hobbies or go out in town? Tell us in the comments.


The Hamptons is most famous for its summers, but the East End is certainly not immune to a northeast winter. The weather stays mostly warm until about mid-October—leaving plenty to do outside like swim, surf, and hike—but right around this time of year, local residents are reminded that winter is definitely on its way.

In fact, many locals only refer to the Hamptons as having two seasons: summer and winter—and winter (or, the “off-season”) starts right after Labor Day.

So, with the cold weather approaching, we wonder: What do local residents do to stay busy this time of year?

With less people around, restaurants and hot spots that bustle in the summer now closing their doors until Memorial Day, and the days getting increasingly shorter the closer we get to the winter solstice, we want to know what you do for fun when the temperature—and the population—drops.

Further, do you prefer the busy summers or the quiet winters?

For me, winter is the time of year when I get most of my reading, knitting, and other hobbies done. My house is the cleanest in the off-season as well, since I’m spending significantly more time indoors. As far as staying busy out in the Hamptons is concerned, I like going to coffee shops, historic sites and local museums, and trying out new places to eat.

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