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Ground cleared on affordable housing project in East Hampton on Accabonac Road

The project is 10 years in the making

Photo courtesy of architect Amado Ortiz

Originally proposed to town officials about 10 years ago, the affordable housing complex on Accabonac Road in East Hampton is finally getting underway, reports 27east. They’ve started clearing ground at the site, thought construction has not yet begun.

They are hoping to have at least some of the homes available for move-in by this time next year.

In 2007, the town bought over the property at 181 Accabonac Road—formerly the Accabonac Tennis Club—for $882,000. Architect Amado Ortiz presented the idea for the buildings that same year, but the project was slowed down.

Finally, the plans were approved earlier this year and JNS Contracting was granted a $2.5 million contract to build the condominium buildings from the town.

The three-acre property will be host to three “manor house” buildings, each of which will have four condos, for a total of 12 apartments. They would be between one- and three-bedrooms units, ranging from $150,000 to $300,000—though the prices haven’t been set quite yet.

Housing lottery applications were open for submission in March.

Once the construction begins, the project is proposed to take between four and six months.

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