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Parsonage Lane contemporary manse on two acres cuts $2M from price, on market since 2015

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The home was listed for almost $26M in 2015

All photos, Bespoke Real Estate

The esteemed Parsonage Lane in Sagaponack is known for its high price tags and contemporary constructions riddled with modern amenities. Right now, prices on Parsonage Lane homes for sale range from a $59.9 million compound that has three properties bordering a nature preserve, down to a $9.5 million modern home from 1984.

The least expensive property currently for sale on Parsonage Lane is an empty 2.2-acre lot, asking $8.5 million.

So the high asking price of the contemporary manse at 289 Parsonage Lane comes to no surprise considering the neighboring properties. The home has been on the market since March of 2015, at which time it was asking $25,995,000. After a year up for sale, the price went down to $23.5 million, then about nine months later, it was asking $21.95 million in February of this year.

For the second time in this calendar year, the home just received another price cut, bringing it down another $2 million to place the asking price at $19.95 million—making it the first time that the home has been offered for under $20 million, under Bespoke Real Estate agents Cody and Zachary Vichinsky.

In 11,665 square feet of space, there are six bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, a steel and wood framed structure, a detached garage, a pool house, and even soundproof walls through the first and second story walls and floors. There’s also a theatre, gym, and western facing views so that the future owner will enjoy sunsets from the home.

Outside, one will find an infinity edge gunite pool with automatic fill, second floor terraces with steel pergolas and inlaid cedar slats, a lower level walk-out patio, a pool house, and ocean access through a path that runs through a neighboring preserve. So, while it’s not private ocean access, the home is still south of the highway, which is part of what puts Parsonage Lane homes at their price point.