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Artist Raphael Mazzucco is selling his unique Montauk home for $4.35M

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There’s even a secret bedroom

All photos, Nest Seekers

Artist and photographer Raphael Mazzucco, whose work has been the cover of three Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and has appeared as himself in an episode of Entourage, has just listed his 3,500-square-foot home in Montauk for $4.35 million.

Mazzucco purchased the home in 2003 for $920,000. Since then, he’s been putting work into it, approaching renovations and additions as contributions to a larger art piece. When the artist first bought the home, originally built in 1985, he gutted it.

Walking through the home is like walking through a museum. Not only does it have many of Mazzucco’s own works, but unique pieces have been built into the structure—benches grounded in cement, pieces of salvaged driftwood repurposed as beams, and even pieces of artwork acting as doors that open to closets and sound-proof “secret” bedrooms.

The master suite features a private balcony, walk-in closet, and luxurious bathroom. In the master bath, one will find an open shower with rain shower head, cement bathtub, and a sink made completely of turquoise stone. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms throughout the space.

With paint splatter on the floors of the living room, a stone mosaic fireplace, and black walls throughout, this is clearly the home of an artist. There are koi ponds on both the exterior and the interior—including one in the dining room.

The current structure has maximized the land usage for the acre of land that it’s set on. However, since it technically stands as a one and a half story home, it can be built up. Right now, the rooftop deck has water views overlooking Fort Pond Bay, and if the new owner chooses to add another level, the upper level of the home will have water views.

Outside, there’s a gated entrance, private setting, pool, pool house changing room, chicken coop, and sauna room with a rain shower head. There are even designated parking spots in the driveway—perfect for hosting large gatherings and house parties.

According to listing agent Dylan Eckardt of Nest Seekers International Real Estate, Mazzucco is selling because he feels that he’s done all he’s could to contribute to the home as a piece of art. He’s recently purchased land in Connecticut, where he plans on continuing a new art project.


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