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Sagaponack property disagreement expected to reach State Supreme Court

There’s yet to be an agreement on how the property should be used

Photo via Google Maps

With 43.5 acres, one would think there would be more than enough space to go around, but for the co-owners of 451 Daniels Lane that’s not true. 27east reported that an argument over the use of the oceanfront parcel is expected to go before the State Supreme Court.

One of the plans is for a single-family residence on an approximately three-acre portion of the site. Another plan is to subdivide the parcel into four lots. The location of the fourth lot has yet to be agreed upon due to an agricultural reserve and drainage concerns.

For more information on the full history of the legal battle, be sure to check out 27east’s full article here.

Dueling Applications Reflect Conflict Over Sagaponack Property [27east]