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The 2016 Curbed Cup winner is… Sag Harbor!

Once again, this town is named the winner of Curbed’s virtual trophy

Readers fought hard for their towns. They voted. They commented. And now after weeks of decisions, there is finally a winner for Curbed Hamptons’ 2016 Curbed Cup.

With over 200 pollsters’ responses, a narrow 52.45 percent of the voters leaned towards Sag Harbor. Sag Harbor has won multiple Curbed Cups, and once again it receives the bragging rights and super prestigious (and fake) virtual trophy.

Along with the Curbed Cup win, this year has been quite exciting for the town. A new park is planned for the downtown harbor area that will be named after American author John Steinbeck. New residents also now include Joy Behar and Candace Bushnell.

To keep in touch with everything going on in Sag Harbor, be sure to follow Curbed Hamptons’ coverage here.