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Zillow purchases Hamptons Real Estate Online

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The Hamptons’ Multiple Listing Service is now under the wing of Zillow’s StreetEasy subsidiary

Screenshot via HREO

Hamptons Real Estate Online (HREO) is truly one of the best if not the best Multiple Listing Service for those looking for their next new home in the Hamptons. It looks like Zillow knows this as it recently acquired the search portal. The terms of the deal have not been reported.

While acquiring HREO, which was founded in 1995, Zillow has also purchased the website’s listing management and distribution, called RealNet and Open RealNet Exchange, reported The Real Deal.

In 2013, Zillow bought out StreetEasy for $50 million. Two years later, Zillow acquired for $2.5 billion, later raising its revenue by over 300 percent. This past year, Zillow’s stock price jumped 63 percent, according to The Real Deal.

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