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Palatial Montauk house sells for more than it asked for

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Classic gambrel dwelling was transformed by new design team

For those who remember when Montauk was just a little fishing village, seemingly last year, properties like this one on Soundview are positively jaw dropping. Winner of 2016 Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Design Award, the palatial dwelling is a far cry from the hamlet’s shanties of yore.

The classic gambrel structure was built in 2010 but transformed in 2014 into the imposing pile you see here. The interiors of the six-bedroom, 7.5-bath edifice were designed by Ghislaine Vinas, known for her colorful modern execution. The outside living spaces, inspired by villas in St. Barts and Punta del Este and replete with a teak pergola, are the work of landscape architect Chris LaGuardia.

The owners lowered the price from $5.2M in September to $4.45M. Then in December a bidding war was launched and it sold for $5.21M, a whisker above its original ask. Let’s hope the new owner is a surfer, as it would be a shame for the built-in surfboard rack to go to waste.