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Shelter Island’s Ram’s Head Inn is for sale

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Andre Balazs, where are you?

Ah, memories of dining at the Ram’s Head Inn on Shelter Island! It was built in 1929, a less than opportune moment in which to attract guests. Yet the atmospheric hotel has thrived for nearly a century. And now it’s on the market for just shy of $12M.

Whoever buys the waterfront property with stunning views can keep it going as an inn or convert it into a private home. The 4.3-acre parcel with 800 feet of beach frontage, dock usage and eight moorings in Coecles Harbor would work well for a master of the universe. Let your Wall Street friends also know that the 15,0000-foot-main house has 17 guest rooms, 15 baths, a tennis court and a dining room that seats 180 (or can be used as a ballroom for charity fêtes).

But we’re hoping that someone keeps it open to the public, perhaps turning it into a high-end resort. Andre Balazs, we need you. And by the way, the property is sub-dividable.