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Price reduced a million bucks on Fleetwood-designed house at Two Trees Farm

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Equestrian living in Bridgehampton

You just might catch a glimpse of Nachos Figueras wielding his mallet on the polo field visible from the living room windows. Or, if you’re feeling sporty, you can saddle up one of the steeds stabled at the horse farm next door, and ride it over the adjoining 65 rolling acres.

The Fleetwood & McMullan designed edifice on nearly two acres is one of a passel of newly built houses overlooking the world-class riding facilities at Bridgehampton’s iconic Two Trees Farm (itself for sale for nearly $18 million). And not to worry, even if someone purchases the farm, all those horsey vistas are protected in perpetuity by covenants.

Of course the 8,100-square-foot dwelling boasts all the amenities expected of a house designed by a leading architecture firm: Carrara marble countertops, living room with coffered ceiling, paneled elevator. Did we mention the sunken tennis court?

The asking price has been reduced from $9.45M to $8.45M to reflect market conditions.