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Peekabo! New “Glass House” really is see through, wants $5.5M

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Windex required

Almost everything in the new "Glass House" in East Hampton is visible from outside. Not a problem as the 1.9-acre property is surrounded by woods including a 20-acre rear reserve and a 50-foot side reserve. The vision of owner Juan A. Figueroa, the super cool edifice was engineered by Jeff Smilow, structural engineer of Freedom Tower. Low-E glass outside walls are kept in place by a steel beam and concrete structure.

The open 5,000-squrae-foot first floor, with a Scavolini custom kitchen and radiant floor heat, flows seamlessly through living, entertaining and dining areas. The technology is as modern as the design, with the home system controlled from a smartphone. The two master suites, four guest rooms and six upstairs bathrooms are also totally exposed to the outdoors, but have the option of floor-to-ceiling curtains.

The lower level, thankfully, offers lots of privacy. Also invisible is the "underground" tunnel that connects to a four-car garage. There is a gigantic saltwater pool and spa. Skinny dipping, anyone? The $5.5M ask is very high for the neighborhood, but the neighbors have never seen anything quite like this (and let’s hope they can’t.)