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Splendid Amagansett Shingle-Style manse asks $18M

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Exemplifies what the Hamptons were once known for

Built in 1909, this sprawling 6,500-square-foot “cottage” evokes a bygone time when well-heeled summer colonists sought refuge in the seaside hamlet. Which is great for those who those who love nostalgia.

The thing is, the house doesn’t look as if it’s been modernized much since the days when its laundresses used washboards. And while some will appreciate its old-world feel—think wainscoting—most buyers will want the $18M price tag to reflect updates that can be traced to the current century.

But those grand touches of yore are immensely appealing starting with the double gates that open to a long winding driveway—leading through the 2.3-acre parcel, which contains both cutting and herb gardens and a heated pool and pool house. On the big plus side, the stately seven-bedroom, 11.5-bath estate sports ocean views.

Purchased for $ 6.5M by financial strategist Jack Rivkin in 2010—before his death in October, a frequent guest on Bloomberg TV this past election season—the estate has just been listed by his widow, philanthropist Jane Rivkin. Involved in the local community, the couple held fundraisers for Safe Horizons at their Hamptons home.