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Will anyone pay $65M for 32 acres in north Sagaponack?

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18 acres of reserve

A large property in Sagaponack belonging to three sisters has come on the market. There are 32 acres of land, including six buildable lots, along with 18 acres of reserve, "ready to be developed to suit vintner, arborist, foodie or equestrian aspirations." (Can someone say hog lagoon?) Right now, three two-acre lots are wooded and there are three houses next to the pond, belonging to the sisters. The ag reserve is leased to a farmer for growing corn.

This is all a great opportunity for someone who wants to be a gentleman farmer in tony Sagaponack, or possibly a developer, but we question the, uh, aspirational asking price of $65M. If it were south of the highway, that would seem more reasonable. Guess we’ll see what happens.