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If you want a project, look at this Hampton Bays property

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Could be a showplace

The market west of the canal is booming, according to everyone. And everyone complains about the horrific traffic east of the canal. So why not take a look at Hampton Bays? This property offers a lot of upside potential. There’s a 1910 house that definitely needs bringing into this century, and possible enlarging, as it’s 2500 square feet, but there’s plenty of vintage charm to work with. There are five bedrooms and 2.5 baths right now.

There’s also a one bedroom cottage on the property that has been renovated, a pool which probably also needs updating/redoing, and most interesting, 157 feet of white sandy bay beach and a 220 foot dock/fishing pier of your own. In all, there’s 1.5 acres of land on a peninsula. Asking price is $1.995M, which seems a little high given the work that needs to be done. We think this place has interesting possibilities.