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So what's your take on summer 2016?

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It’s tumbleweed Tuesday!

This year is a proper Tumbleweed Tuesday: the threat of a hurricane’ll do that. Montauk cleared out fast yesterday, and we’ve heard similar about other towns. So now that the fancy cityfolk are back to their fancy city apartments, we country mice can go back to our off-season pursuits: tilling the earth, fishing the seas, working in overpriced fashion boutiques...

It’s time to have your say: what did you think of summer 2016? Everyone says every year that the traffic is worse this year, but seriously, the traffic was worse this year. Every time we got to the middle of Amagansett, we stopped dead in traffic. Even the back roads were more often than not stopped dead. Other than that, we think it was a fairly quiet summer. How was business? Some people are saying that with the advent of shorter-term rentals, business is suffering. Certain new restaurants seemed empty and others did well. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.