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This Water Mill home sure is fancy

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Pediments aplenty

You’ve bought a lovely farmhouse in bucolic north Water Mill on two acres. There’s a roof deck with great views, hedges for privacy, a nice pool, but it’s just all too....plain. The answer is, decorate the insides of that bad boy like George III was about to stop by for afternoon tea. Add broken pediments over every window and doorframe, classical wallpaper, a few Chippendale-style mirrors, some Louis XV fauteuils, gilt chandeliers, hell--why not some marble columns? A Chippendale dining set, some gilt dentil molding, and you’ve got yourself some fancy interiors now. Another dish of tea, Your Majesty?

Asking price, which includes the 2900 square foot farmhouse with three bedrooms and 4.5 baths and two acres of land, is $2.5M. The fanciness is included.