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Big reveal: how much for a shingled house in the Amagansett Dunes?


Address: 73 Devon Road, Amagansett

Price: $4,495,000

Spot on this week: the most popular guess was correct. This property divided commenters: no one liked the exterior: "Holy crap, that front elevation is the worst! Who on earth decided on that? I love a great room with huge windows but not when it looks out on the nearby neighbor houses. That was a questionable design decision too. Are rank amateurs designing spec homes now?" "That is a hot mess. It’s not just the front elevation, it’s the entire exterior that’s awful. From the roof line, to the awkward overhangs, to the disastrous window choices, this is one ugly house."

But others found the rest of the place appealing. "This house is fine. the windows up on top are a bit much, sort of all over the place, but the house, location, pool, kitchen is actually fine." "...they’ve managed to cram a lot of good stuff in here for a Dunes location. Not easy to find a 5 BR house there, or one with 4 and 1/2 baths. And a pool. ... On the other hand, I do like that fireplace. And the place is in mint condition. It’s going to sell by the end of the year, unless it is a hike to the beach or is at the eastern end of the Dunes and has the specter of Truck Beach looming."