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An Amagansett Bates Masi that’s a whiter shade of pale

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Pool and pool house

Houses by Bates Masi Architects tend to have natural wood cladding on the exterior: not this one, which is very white. We like it, though; it makes the facade of this place a twist on the traditional white-painted shingled farmhouse. Also very attractive is the massive outdoor fireplace (white) and the long, low pool house. As for the interiors, we’re kind of confused.

We think some of the photos have been digitally staged, so we’re not sure which room is what, but we’re fairly sure the furniture and art aren’t making the most of the space. There are five bedrooms and 5.5 baths on three levels of living space, with a total of 4200 square feet. The plot size is a not-huge 0.44 of acre.

We also think the price probably has to come down, given the skimpy plot. The property debuted on the market at the end of June, asking $3.695M. Now it’s $3.35M. What do you say?