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This couple’s tiny weekend home floats

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Cozy and relaxing

Joe and Robyn Velardo have a Hamptons tiny home with a difference: their boat, which they keep docked in Three Mile Harbor. During the week, Joe and Robyn live with Jersey City with their year old goldendoodle, Steevie (AKA @steevie_wonderdoodle on Instagram). Joe works in digital ad sales and Robyn is in PR; as for Steevie, Joe reports, "She is not the best swimmer but on super-hot days has been known to jump off of the back of the boat (she wears a life jacket)."

What do you like best about the weekending on the boat?

There are so many things, but it has to be when we anchor in 3 Mile Harbor. It is a five-minute ride from the marina and the water is so clear and warm all summer. We anchor, turn on the music, put up the sunshade, and start opening rosé.

I grew up on and around boats and when I met Robyn we bought a very small sailboat together that we also docked in Gardiner’s Marina. We love the fact that we can see all parts of the Hamptons with our house. We have had friends and family all summer, and we have taken them to Sag Harbor, Montauk and even caught some fish for our niece and nephew.

What is a typical weekend like for you?

First I pick up Steevie from doggy daycare on 26th Street. We try to leave around 4PM to make the trek out east. Once we hit the Shinnecock Canal we take a deep breath, open the windows, turn on WEHN and start to decompress. Steevie at this time wakes up and pokes her nose outside to take in the fresh air. Usually we arrive to the boat around 7:30. We feed Steevie, then either pick up food from Harbor Grill or head to Blue Parrot in town.

Saturday, we wake up, have coffee on back deck then we head to the Atlantic Avenue beach for a paddle or some type of workout. From there it is quick boat project while Robyn heads to town for the food run.

Once fully stocked with food we head out to 3 Mile harbor to anchor and enjoy some rosé. We are Whispering Angel fans but someone always brings a Wolffer with them. Evenings, we either BBQ out back on the lawn or head to either Nick & Toni's, Harbor Bistro or Grill, or somewhere in Sag Harbor. Sunday is a repeat of Saturday but a little calmer: sometimes we take the boat to Sag Harbor or Montauk for the day. We head home around 6-7.

Gardiner's Marina

Threemile Harbor Rd., East Hampton, NY