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Big reveal: how much for a whaleship captain’s house in Sag Harbor?

The Captain Atkins Eldredge House

Address: 133 Jermain Avenue, Sag Harbor

Price: $2,900,000

Not quite. The most popular answer was $3,400,000, but we acknowledge this one wasn’t easy. (11 of you wags chose one quadrillion dollars as the price.) Commenters thought the place needed work, as did we: "The original part of the house is really cute but the addition is ugh." "The addition doesn’t look too bad from the outside, but the inside is definitely in jarring contrast to the rest of the house. The buyer will have to put some money into this one."

So who was Atkins Eldredge, anyway? Information is scant, but he seems to have come from a Cape Cod family, where he had brothers named Hezekiah Eldredge and Ebenezer Eldredge. Atkins seems to have been his mother’s maiden name. Other than that, we only know he was a whaling captain sailing out of Sag Harbor, possibly because he married Harriet Latham of Sag Harbor.