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$13M for modern oceanfront and bayfront on Flying Point

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No pool, though

Oceanfront? Bayfront? You get both with this new build: there’s an acre of land in total, on either side of Flying Point Road, including 100 feet of oceanfront and 50 feet of bayfront. The bay side includes a dock for your kayak or paddleboard.

The 3500 square foot house is brand new and designed to make the most of the views in either direction. Everywhere you look, walls of glass slide open, and there is copious decking and balconies for outdoor living. One rather nice facing the ocean balcony includes a built-in hot tub and fireplace: we’d never leave. The hot tub brings up one caveat of the property: no pool, although the listing says there’s room for one. Maybe on the bay side of the property? Then you’d have to cross the street to get to your pool? Of course, not everyone wants a pool when they have the ocean and bay at their doorstep.

Inside, there are five bedrooms and three baths. Two sets of bedrooms share baths. One cute touch is the hanging light fixture in the stairwell that looks like fishing floats. Mostly, the interiors are spare and plain, leaving the outdoors as the star attraction. $13M seems not a bad price to us: what do you say?