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A landmark contemporary on four acres in Water Mill

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The Sabel House

This is known as the Sabel House, designed in 1970 by Barbara and Julian Neski. Who were they? The New York Times wrote that their "modernist houses among the fields and dunes of the Hamptons were landmarks in weekend living." Julian and Barbara met while working at Marcel Breuer’s New York office in the mid 1950s. Barbara was one of the few women to have attended Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in architecture under Walter Gropius. At Marcel Breuer’s office, she was paid much less than her male colleagues, despite being equally qualified. (Grrrr.)

The house looks to be in pristine condition with everything nicely maintained, including the black stone floors. The kitchen has been newly updated, but is in keeping with the architecture. (Unlike the furniture, which looks utterly ridiculous. If you like traditional furniture, don’t buy a contemporary home.) The house is 2800 square feet, with five bedrooms and four baths. There’s a pool, tennis court, and garage on the generous four acre plot. Two empty acres could also be subdivided if desired.

The asking price is $5.4M, which strikes us as about right for the size of the house and the property.