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Summery and south of the highway in East Hampton

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Room for tennis

This breezy house is south of the highway in East Hampton Village. There’s two acres of land, landscaped for privacy, so although there isn’t a tennis court, there’s plenty of room for one. The gunite pool is set off from the house by a hydrangea hedge.

The house itself is a decent size at 3500 square feet, with four bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Everything inside is light and open and it doesn’t look like any work needs to be done. (We get that the owners like folk art, which is great, but what the heck is going on with those flower things in the living room? Odd.) There’s also a covered porch with a fireplace, which is nice. Asking price for all this is a fairly reasonable $4.695M. What do you think of the place?