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Southampton Town plans on buying Beach Plum Meadows property for $14M

Rather than a housing development, the town hopes to build a park

Southampton Town has offered Beach Plum Meadows LLC $14 million to purchase 11 acres on Moses Lane in Southampton Village. Currently, there are plans to build a senior housing project, called Beach Plum Meadows, on the site. 27east reported that Southampton Town hopes to instead build a park.

According to 27east, Southampton Village has yet to decide how it will use the 11 acres of land. The residents of the town as well as the village will be able to decide on the use of the property because the land will be purchased through town funds. On October 13, a public hearing is scheduled for the purchase to be final.

In December 2014, the plan for Beach Plum Meadows was scaled down, from 56 units to 16 single-family homes. Concerns brought up at the time included that it would increase traffic and bring too much density.