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Wainscott, your cars are likely going to stay dirty for another year

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Proposed building moratorium

Bad news, folks with dirty cars: East Hampton is proposing a moratorium on new commercial development in Wainscott for a year. That means planning for the long-aborning car wash to replace the old Star Room nightclub would be halted for another twelve months.

The moratorium, which would be subject to public hearings, would delay approvals of commercial development until the town finishes the planning studies underway in each hamlet. It was proposed to the board in June by the Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee; a letter to the board quoted in the East Hampton Press says, "Wainscott is under threat today—now—from creeping urban sprawl, poor water quality, choking traffic and dangerous conditions for those who walk or bicycle. Without a moratorium on significant planning decisions within Wainscott, the current Town Board is permitting further degradation within Wainscott." Needless to say, the CAC is opposed to the car wash plan.

What do you think? Too much traffic there now as it is? Or would a car wash be very useful for residents?