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Want a weirdly shaped house? Try Shelter Island!

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Shelter Island: you are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Neither part of the North Fork nor the South Fork, you can be just plain odd, as in these three houses, all of which eschew the conventional rectangle.

First up is the oddest, the Nautilus House. But it’s also extremely cool: a midcentury gem that’s been nicely renovated, although commenters have said the interior rooms are dark. It’s 1800 square feet, with 2.3 acres of land. Earlier this year the asking price of the property was $1.925M, which was kind of crazy; the asking price is now a more reasonable $1.695M. Still, the property sold for $550K three years ago.

Speaking of 2013, this octagonal house hit the market asking $735K in January that year. We were slightly flummoxed by the 70s house with "center sunken pavilion." Here it is today:

The listing for the "Imaginatively designed Octagon by Architect George Knafo" notes that "everything in this home has been restored." Now the asking price is $995K, which includes 1.1 acres of creekfront land.

If octagons have just too many sides for your taste, how about a hexagonal house? Of course Shelter Island boasts one! Back in 2014, we thought that its living room "would probably send us to the funny farm within two hours." Then, the asking price for the house, one acre of land, plus dock and pool was $2.075M. Now, it’s a comparatively saner $1.695M.

One thing is true: none of these are any easy sale. What do you think?