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Coldplay goes for a java run at Jack’s before secret Hamptons show

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Mmm, Jack’s

Did you drive through Amagansett yesterday? We did (mistake): Main Street was a zoo. Guess that’s what happens when the world’s biggest band shows up to do a "secret" show at a tiny local club. But before Chris Martin and the rest of Coldplay took the stage at the Stephen Talkhouse yesterday, they made a coffee run at Jack's Stir Brew, conveniently right across the street. The band cleaned the store out of its organic cold brew and baked vegan donuts!

And yes, Gwyneth was there with Apple and Moses. As was Bon Jovi and more of the band’s close friends and family. (Beyonce and Jay-Z were at the concert, too.)

Jack's Stir Brew has always been a favorite spot for Chris and Gwyneth. They love their organic coffee and spend a lot of time in the Amagansett and NYC shops. When XM decided to throw a secret show at Stephen Talkhouse, Scott Greenstein from XM reached out to Jack and told him he and Chris and been playing around with the idea of the secret show. Part of their fun plan included using Jack's as the VIP lounge. Jack was honored.

The band was there from 2PM until they took the stage at 6. They did a short sound check around 4 and came back after their epic set to chill out and unwind.

Stephen Talkhouse

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