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Live out your Grey Gardens fantasies at the Parrish Art Museum

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Big Edie or Little Edie?

The Hamptons has a love affair with Grey Gardens. Yes, yes, it’s the infamous property from the Beale family of East Hampton that was at the very least, eccentric with a deep commitment to cats. But, there’s just something about the property on West End Road near Lily Pond Lane that evokes a storied past that still doesn’t quite feel done. Not many houses can justify having a website, but Grey Gardens sure does.

On August 11, 2016, the Parrish Art Museum is hosting a reception, a screening with excerpts from the 1975 documentary, and a costume parade. Attendees are encouraged to dress as their favorite Edie Beale (Big or Little). Prizes for best costume include limited edition Grey Garden memorabilia. Just one question, will guests be bringing cats as dates? We’re guessing not, but seeing people dressed up as the Beale family sure is something that we think Little Edie would love. And in the words of our favorite Beale (from the iconic documentary), talking about the house that brought her as much pain as it did love, "Oh, mother thinks it’s artistic this way, like a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Don’t you love the overgrown Louisiana bayou look?" So, go ahead and break out those headscarves for a night steeped in nostalgia.