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LT Burger hosts a Shakedown competition in Sag Harbor

Eater Hampton

Chef Laurent Tourondel’s eatery in Sag Harbor, LT Burger, is hosting for the second time, a Shakedown. This play on words is a lot more than just a cute pun. Kids under 14 can become mad scientists by creating milkshakes. Umm, we want in on the action. Winners will have their milkshake creation featured at the restaurant and receive an LT Burger gift certificate. Chef Tourondel said, "The kids have a great time coming up with their shake ideas. We get a lot of creative and over the top ideas which are always fun to go through." The competition ends on September 5, 2016, so children are encouraged to ask their server for an entry slip the next time they dine at LT. All we can say is yum!