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Big reveal: how much for a classic East Hampton summer mansion?

Less than you thought

Address: 62 Dunemere, East Hampton

Price: $13,995,000

This probably was an obvious choice because Dunemere is a cut-through street. Commenter Decloo wrote, "Too easy, Laura. Give us a house we don’t all already know." However, the number one guess this week was $15,995,000. The property, before it was renovated and the pool added, was featured here in May 2012 when $6.5M was the asking price.

Some shade was thrown in the comments regarding the kitchen: "But where is the stove hood? The kitchen (at least what we can see of it) doesn’t really fit the rest of the house. Did the renovators run out of money?" And "The ‘kitchen’ is hilarious. And could the toilet in the MBR be more exposed please?"

But mostly people liked it: "Overall nearly perfect house in a great location with a beautiful plot of land."