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Will Hillary and Bill Clinton stay with the Bon Jovis this summer?

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Every year at this time in the Hamptons the question is: where will Hillary and Bill Clinton stay this year? The past two years, it’s been on Broadview Avenue in Amagansett, but this year, we have reliable intel that the power couple will be staying at the Lily Pond Lane home of the Bongiovi clan.

Word has it that rocker Jon has just finished renovating a wing of his house and the first guests will be VIPs. (And since he’s still on the outs with Richie Sambora...)

The Bon Jovi house is very interesting, actually. It was built in 1899 for E Clifford Potter and designed by prolific East Hampton architect Joseph Greenleaf Thorpe, who also designed Grey Gardens. The Architectural Record wrote the following in January 1903.

The character of East Hampton's unpretentious architecture owes a good deal to the taste of Mr. J. Greenleaf Thorp, a young architect who built himself a timber and stucco cottage in the village and afterwards designed a score or more of the later cottages. One of his simplest yet most successful efforts is the house for Mr. E. Clifford Potter near the bathing beach.

Stay tuned for CLINTONWATCH 16!