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Do a starchitect and an ex-president justify a price jump of more than 300% in Sag Harbor?

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lust worthy renovations

We’ve reported on the mansion at 20 Union Street in Sag Harbor a lot. Once upon a time, President Chester A. Arthur summered at this residence, earning it the "Summer White House" nickname. Through the years, this property has always been a prestigious address, but things have gotten a lot more interesting.

Back in 2014, we told you that the place sold for just under $4M, and the 6 bedroom 4.5 bathroom went through a major overhaul. Frankly, the renovations are nothing short of stellar, and left us wondering why every house that undergoes a major restoration doesn’t look this good. Starchitect Steven Gambrel definitely knows what he’s doing, but we already knew that.

Fast forward to current day, and this historic house that has been redone to perfection was asking $390K for a summer rental for Memorial Day through Labor Day. Now, we confirmed that the new asking price is $14.2M. We’re not saying that this Victorian lady isn’t stunning, because her history combined with killer updates still have us drooling. And, as we continually discuss, Sag Harbor is white haute. But, does an original selling price of $3.9M in 2014 justify a 364% price jump? Let us know what you think.