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Midcentury un-modern with grass tennis court in Georgica

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We’re not entirely sure what to make of this property. On the plus side, there’s two acres of land, which includes a nice grass tennis court and a recently restored marble and tile 50 foot saltwater pool and spa, along with a spacious pool house. On the negative, there’s the house itself, which is in a "Grandma’s house in Boca, decorated in 1963" style, complete with wall-to-wall carpeting, leafy wallpaper, and a lavish display of liquor bottles. (What, no brimming candy dish on the coffee table?) It could be that this style is so out it’s in. Maybe call it "Gramcore"?

The house is a good-sized 5000 square feet, with five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and a bedroom for staff in the lower level, which we trust includes a chamber known as the rumpus room.

As for the asking price, that’s also a puzzle. It’s $9.95M, and the area runs about $5M an acre, more or less, for a teardown. However, most plots are about one acre, not two. So we’re not sure the property works as a teardown; the house has been recently renovated, so perhaps some redecorating is all that’s needed. What say you?