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Big reveal: how much for a North Sea home with sandy beach and dock?

A bit pricey

Address: 39 Lake Drive, Southampton

Price: $3,995,000

Answers were all over the map this week. The asking price surprised us but consider that Matt Lauer sold a less impressive place with the same asking price in the same area in two weeks. (Of course, there may be some celebrity glitz associated with that property...) Anyway, that is one data point to keep in mind.

Commenters were similarly mixed this week. "That beach was looking pretty swell until I saw the piece of water it is attached to. That mucky, swampy thing doesn’t look too refreshing and I bet it’s super buggy. Shame because I think the house is very beautifully done." and "Location snob says all the choices are too high. $1.995mm tops."