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A new group demands that East Hampton Airport be closed

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Split from Quiet Skies Coalition

Fed up with what they say is "the stalled progress by the Town of East Hampton to lessen noise and aircraft emission pollution caused by operations at East Hampton Airport," local citizens have formed a group called Say No to KHTO. (KHTO is the airport’s code.) The group seeks to abandon the airport altogether and use the 628 acres of town land for another purpose, perhaps for wind or solar power generation or affordable housing.

The group headed by Barry Raebeck, who formed the Quiet Skies Coalition but has now split from that group. In a press release, Mr. Raebeck said, "This huge tract of town-owned, commercially-zoned land can better serve our community in a variety of ways. In terms of jobs per acre, the airport is a bust, a lot opportunity for the community." The group’s Facebook page goes on, "We are actually subsidizing the destruction of our own environment and quality of life – simply to benefit the handful of commercial operators and their customers. "

What do you say? Time to close the airport?

East Hampton Airport

200 Daniels Hole Road, East Hampton, NY 11937