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Two years later, oceanfront on Lily Pond Lane is back at $75M

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1.8 acres

This property first came to market in July 2014 asking $75M. We called it "underwhelming," mostly because of the odd, dated interiors. Now it’s 2016, the price is still $75M and there are no interior photos of the house.

There’s 1.8 acres of land with pretty gardens including a koi pond, a pool, and a lighted tennis court. The house itself is perched on the dune, which makes for spectacular views. There’s also a pool house with "three large rooms including a game room with private patio, entertaining kitchen, full bath, shower room and sauna."

So while the property offers some great features, we think it’s still overpriced. As a commenter wrote two years ago, "There are only about 20-30 houses on the beach from Main to Georgica and given that certain billionaires want to be near EH airport and not with the "new money" of Sagaponack, each parcel starts at $25-30 mln irrespective of acreage. West End Rd probably even more. The views are incredibly because house is perched up on a hill, but it is way to close to Main Beach, hundreds of people are in front of your house every weekend. House is a tear-down as was the guest house last time I saw it, but hard to find property that allows for such a "compound" on the beach. Will probably sell for $40-45 mln." We tend to agree that that price is more like it.