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The quintessential East Hampton summer mansion

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Virtually untouched

This house, built in 1898, is, according to architect Erica Broberg Smith, is "the quintessential shingle-style Hamptons house." It was designed in 1898 by Cyrus L.W. Eidlitz for his sister Harriet and her husband, Schuyler Quackenbush. (Who? From an old New York Dutch family, Mr. Quackenbush was a member of the New York Stock Exchange.) Around 1915, it was purchased by Ogden M. Edwards and his wife Lela Harkness, whose descendants have owned the place ever since.

It’s virtually the same as it was, so new owners will want to renovate (and at least get rid of the stairlift). But they’ll want to retain period features such as the "deep porch, six brick fireplaces, window seats, balustrade staircase, wood paneling and 20/1 period windows." The house is 10,260 square feet, with ten bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

Outside, there’s a generous 3.3 acres of land, so there’s room for a pool. There’s also a separate garage. Asking price is $18.95M, and it’s hard to say how fair that is without knowing the work involved. Still, for anyone who’s dreamed of a classic, old-school Hamptons mansion, here’s a great opportunity.