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CNN anchor Don Lemon buys in Sag Harbor

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Vintage style home

CNN anchor Don Lemon is yet another new resident of Sag Harbor this summer. He paid $3.1M for a vintage style home on Rysam Street, with four floors, four bedrooms, and five baths. The kitchen and baths are new looking, done in white marble, and the house offers modern amenities along with vintage charm.

The lower level is finished with a mahogany bar and guest suite, and there are a parlor, library, and dining room on the main floor, along with an attic room set up as an office. Outside, the plot is a reasonable size for the area, at 0.28 acre, which includes a pool, pool house with bathroom and cable TV, outdoor shower, pergola, and back porch. Good buy, Mr. Lemon, and welcome to Sag Harbor.