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Michael Bolton serenades Bridgehampton

under the stars

Last night we attended The Michael Bolton Charities fall fundraising event, An Evening Under the Stars, at a private residence in Bridgehampton. Honoring Ali and Joe Torre, the famous Yankee spoke about his personal battles as a child growing up in a house with domestic violence. Now in its 23rd year, the Michael Bolton Charities works to give women and children suffering from abuse courage to break the cycle. Music therapy is a big part of healing, and the Retreat in East Hampton will be the local recipient of a portion of the money raised.

Lawrence Scott Events decorated the space that reminded us of the Delano in Miami. Looking a bit like Alice in Wonderland, the food was featured in quite a unique way. Almost too adorable to eat, the dessert options redefined decadent. And the purple up lighting gave the event a real hit of glam. Michael Bolton concluded the evening by belting out soulful jams from Motown.