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Birds of prey Get Wild in a sculpture garden

wildlife rescue party

Hosted by Molly Channing of Channing Daughters Vineyards, the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center held its 10th annual Get Wild summer benefit at the Channing family sculpture garden in Bridgehampton. The stars of the evening were the wildlife. C’mon, it’s pretty hard not to be charmed by magnificent birds that much to our delight, double as adorable party guests. We’re big fans of this rescue center that rehabilitates and releases animals back into the wild across Long Island. We learned that this grassroots organization grew from a few concerned friends to a full-blown wildlife hospital that prioritizes the animals above everything else. Unlike a traditional veterinary hospital, ambient noises and smells are eliminated from the environment. Basically, they do everything possible to eliminate stressful environments for the wildlife. So, while we were getting wild on Channing Daughters wine, we felt a real simpatico with the birds of prey.