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Turn this Sagaponack ugly duckling into a swan

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90s contemporary needs a facelift

The facade of this 90s contemporary is dated and unattractive—and yet the interiors, or what we can see of them, are gorgeous. It’s mostly done in contemporary cool greys, with stylish modern furniture. The kitchen isn’t huge, but it’s new and attractive, as is the huge living room with fireplace. In fact the whole house isn’t huge at 2050 square feet, but there are five bedrooms and three baths.

Outside, there’s 1.6 acres of land with a beautiful pool and deck with outdoor kitchen. The entire property is on a long, private flag lot on Hedges Lane, close to the ocean. We say: make a deal for the furniture, get an architect to smarten up the front elevation, and enjoy your stylish new home. Asking price is a reasonable $7.9M.