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Elegant and charming in Bridgehampton south for $6.3M

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Lovely wherever you look

Everything is meticulously done in this Bridgehampton property: the gardens, which are small at 0.6 of an acre are nonetheless exquisite, with a firepit and sitting area "a wisteria-shaded path, rows of crepe myrtle, and heated pool anchored by a regal cherry tree." And there are numerous porches and balconies from the house to enjoy the view.

The house is a good size at 4500 square feet, with five bedrooms and five baths, and as in the gardens, everything is beautifully done. Particularly nice is the subway-tiled white marble kitchen, a look we love, and the spacious living room with french doors to the gardens. Below, there’s a wine room, and above, there’s a playroom for a lucky child.

The asking price might be a little high given the dearth of land—what do you think?