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Hillary will hit the Hamptons for fundraising; no word on a rental


Every year about this time in this job it’s the same thing: CLINTONWATCH! Where will Bill and Hillary Clinton rent this year? And the answer so far is that we don’t know. Perhaps they won’t rent at all, given their campaigning schedule. (Confidential to Mrs. Clinton: don’t burn yourself out. At least take a few days to rest with Bill, Chelsea and family here in the Hamptons.) (Between CLINTONWATCH, COLDPLAYWATCH, and Pokemon Go, we’re getting worn out.)

We do know, according to the Post, that Hillary will be at a fundraiser this summer at the Bridgehampton home of Jonathan Tisch, along with Rudin Management head Bill Rudin, both longtime friends and supporters. If you’d like to attend, it’ll cost you $33,000.

The Tisch home on Ocean Road was famously purchased in 2000 for $10M, a shocking price at the time, when it wasn’t even on the market. (It’s good to a be a Tisch!) The Peter Cook-designed home has two upstairs wings, one for the master suite and the other for kids and guests. There are 4.7 acres of land, designed by Ed Hollander, including a pool, tennis court, and a lawn with a putting green.