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Two years later, ten million more asked in Sagaponack

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Triple the ask in two years?

Here’s one we don’t get. The property is actually fairly nice: there are two acres of land right at the head of Sagg Pond, with 300 feet of frontage. There are waterviews from inside the house, a dock for your kayak, of course a gunite pool and spa, and even a koi pond with waterfall.

The house is 6000 square feet with five bedrooms and five baths. The kitchen is a typical high-end white marble, and the house boasts a lot of millwork. It’s all very pleasant but dull: some interesting furniture, artwork, and carpets could liven things up nicely.

So far, so typical. The issue we have is that the property sold in August 2014 for $5.2M, and now, without any major changes we can see, the asking price is a mere $10M more (or close enough) at $14.995M. Yes, that’s triple the price from two years ago. Can we get some of whatever they’re smoking?