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A Norman Jaffe in Water Mill South for $3.995M

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Nice gardens and pool

Location is good for this 80s (we think) Jaffe: south of the highway and surrounded by reserve on two sides, with southwestern exposure. There’s 0.93 of an acre of land, pretty gardens, and a gunite pool and spa. As for the interiors of the 3500 square foot house: they look like they haven’t been touched since the house was built, including the old-school TV in one of the bedrooms.

The signature Jaffe elements are there, including wooden ceilings and plenty of natural stone, including a rather gorgeous stone fireplace and floors. The kitchen and baths could use updating, we think, and we also think the 80s cluttered furniture and artwork are detracting from the listing photos.

The price is fairly reasonable. Now this property just needs an owner with vision and a good decorator to bring it into the 21st century.