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The Miniature Bates Masi in Amagansett is Finally in Contract

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Stunning, but limited market appeal

This really cool, really stylish, really small Amagansett new-build hit the market back in March of 2014. (By the way, we’re using the photos from the previous Corcoran listing because they’re better. Photo credit: Chris Foster.) By well regarded architects Bates Masi, the house was asking $1.795. Near the ocean, the 600 square foot house sports two bedrooms and 1.5 baths, set on 0.28 acre.

Why is it so small? According to one commenter, "My understanding with this house is the owners are long time owners (of a nearby house) in the dunes. They bought this property years ago and wanted to build something on it. Well, East Hampton had other ideas and a decade long battle ensued. This family finally "won" in court against EH but the footprint of the house was reduced to a point to where it was thought to be so tiny nobody would build on it. Well these folks did and that house is the result."

Finally, the property is in contract: the last asking price was $1.475M. It’s a very interesting place, but it was always gonna be a tough sell, particularly with a glass wall between the two bedrooms. Comments were mixed. "Basically a closet pretending to be a house." "It needs either a second full bathroom, or a half bath and outdoor shower." "Yes, it isn’t for everyone. but it is really as good as it gets, for what it is." Congrats to the new owners!