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Hamptons ‘Sprayathon’ Partygoers Trash an Airbnb

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$5000 a night rental

Summer in the Hamptons means one thing for sure: someone’s gonna throw a big party and trash a big property! The New York Post reports that a "$20M" "Sag Harbor" $5K a night rental home was trashed by a Wall Streeter holding a benefit for Last Chance Animal Rescue. Like all the best ragers, it involved chugging champagne and throwing midgets into the pool.

First, let’s correct a few statements made in the Post. The property is not worth anywhere near $20M. It was recently for sale for $3.995M, which is, hm, a mere $16M off. (Also, it’s in Noyack, not Sag Harbor.) Zillow is reporting that the owners have been served a Notice of Lis Pendens in May, meaning they’re in default and may be foreclosed on. And we’re not at all sure that’s a legal rental (minimum stay five nights) in Southampton, though we could be wrong. Also, it’s 7 bedrooms, not 14.

And considering that last year’s Last Chance rager at Kevin Sorbo’s Bridgehampton property resulted in a brush fire and an overdose, maybe the outraged owners should have done a little research first. They’re planning to sue the Wall Streeter for $1M in damages.