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Trump is Fundraising at This Southampton House on Saturday

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Got your invitation yet?

Have you coughed up your $25,000* yet? That’s what it will cost to attend a fundraiser lunch for Donald Trump’s political campaign on Saturday. It will be held at the home of "vulture investor" Wilbur Ross and wife Hilary Geary Ross in Southampton’s estate section.

Architectural Digest photographed the house in 2013, which was newly redecorated by Mario Buatta. On Great Plains Road, the house used to belong to Millicent Hearst, wife of WR Hearst, and was eventually purchased by Hilary Ross and her previous husband.

Notables attending the Trump fundraiser, according to Bloomberg, include RNC chairman Reince Priebus, sugar titan Pepe Fanjul, Richard LeFrak (of the New York development family), Jets owner (and East Hampton homeowner) Woody Johnson, and businessman Anthony Scaramucci.

*For that price, the fruit salad better not be all melon.